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Platform Solution

To meet the various requirements of customers and complex system, PJTT supports Multi Operating System Environment and be able to collaborate with Multi Vendor Environment even PDA, Notebook, Thin Client, Computer Desktop, Graphic Workstation and Server by utilizing Microsoft Windows, Novell and Unix Operating System.

Security and Fire Alarm System

PJTT particular selected world-class standard devices in CCTV, Access Control System, and Fire Alarm to install and improve the user’s system, with appropriate and modernized

Network Security Solution

PJTT provides high-performance security solutions to service providers and large enterprises worldwide. We help your business eliminate security gaps and manage your network while enhancing productivity. Our diverse service support and understand what works best for your organization.

Log System

To set up software log system into computer network for legally store and compile information following The Thai Act of Parliament.

System Integration

We provide computer systems and network infrastructure information system for example LAN/MAN/WAN to a wide range since private small business to national organization. We help discovery session to understand your goals, requirements, and budget. Let PJTT’s high performance and expertise transform your enterprise into one streamlined and optimally functional entity inclusive services from consulting, operating system, installation, testing and training for the users as well as maintenance services.

Networking Solution

Offers a full-service distributes equipment, set up computer network system and information technology system services e.g. LAN / MAN / WAN between internal & external organization, including Internet Data center, Internet service provide. We helps Telecommunication Provider build and maintain high speed network system by offering a full suite of services in Access, ADSL, Broadband, Cable, Content Networking, Data Center, Routing, Switching, Security, VPN, Wireless, Unified. Communication, Cloud Computing and Contact Center. Our comprehensive services from consulting, designing, and operating system installation, testing and training for the users as well as maintenance services with certified global standard such as ANSI, TIA / EIA, ISO, IEEE.

Communication Integration

We represent services VOIP, PBX, Telephone System, Leased Line, E1 & T1, including supply and install by experienced Telecommunication Engineering.

Back up Solution

We are ready to assist your organization with every phase of Back Up equipment and leveraging the right solution for your IT environment.

Electrical and UPS

Provides Electrical wiring system services for your internal construction and offer qualified UPS system to ensure that your business can function under normal to severe conditions.

Application Service

Offerings custom application development, application consulting, testing and quality assurance services for your enterprise’s need. We develop high quality business applications that help you increase operational efficiency and sustain your competitive advantage

Maintenance Service

Besides providing the standard supply and the best possible solutions to a wide range to customer, we offer maintenance services with circle lifetime products that assure at any stage on a best for project basis.

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